Business Event Planning 101

February 08, 2019

Business Event Planning 101

Do you have a Small Business Event coming up?
We have put together some tips to help you create a successful event that will get you, and your team, the most out of it!

1. Make a List of Details:  When you decide to have an event, everything matters from the lighting, transportation, content, and refreshments. Make a list to ensure you do not overlook things.

2. Be Flexible with Changes:  Some things may change including the event location or size. Just don't lose sight of the reasons why you are holding your event in the first place. Flexibility is necessary.

3. Create Smart Goals:  Start with a strong strategy. Outline what you are aiming for. This is a great opportunity to share your brand, vision, connect with your team or target market, or get feedback on your product. 

4. Create an Expense Budget:  Price out all the permits, licenses, food and beverages. Use sponsors to help save you money. Working with other brands and partners can really help stretch your dollar.

5. Create a Detailed Marketing Plan:  The more organized you are the more professional the event will be. Define what you are doing at the event so that people have a clear vision of what to expect. Your audience should know what they will learn, who they will meet, and why they should be there. 

6.  Delegate Responsibilities:  Having one person in charge of every detail typically doesn't work very well. Let people take control of the areas they most enjoy. 

7.  Deliver on Expectations:  Ensure your audience has a great experience and that you give them what they expected. Have a good attitude. Make sure you are offering content that is relevant to those attending. Look your best and be comfortable in your own skin.

8. Be Prepared for the Unexpected:  Something unexpected always comes up. Be ready to lend a helping hand to fill in gaps.

We hope that by applying these tips to planning your event you will get everything out of it that you had envisioned. Don't forget to use your 2019 Beyond Routine Planner to help you stay on track while planning!

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