Growth Tracker - Masters of Marketing Spreadsheet

July 20, 2018

Growth Tracker - Masters of Marketing Spreadsheet

Growth Tracker Excel Slide | Masters of Marketing Spreadsheet | Beyond Routine Planner Download

It's funny how a new milestone ends up becoming the norm, you may have a goal to have 250 likes on Facebook. If you are working courageously towards your goal there will come a time and place where obtaining 250 likes happens every month for you! The only way to know that success is to track that success!

Check out this walkthrough of how to use the Growth Tracker Slide within the Masters of Marketing Spreadsheet.

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There is nothing more aggravating than not knowing if you are receiving a return on your investment. Well, there is no better way to identify that but to track it!

This phenomenal spreadsheet allows you to schedule your marketing plan first. Next, you will track your return on investments, for not only your online promotions but also postcards and printed promotions. It will also allow you to track the organic growth of your social media accounts so you can identify and isolate the content that is working for you.

- Dashboard for social media growth
- Marketing Costs Dashboard
- Social Media Plan
- Detailed Social Media Plan
- Postcard Scheduler
- Leads
- Customers
- Content Library

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