Our September Focus Topic: "The Leap"

September 06, 2019

Our September Focus Topic:


Welcome! It's a new month. We hope you enjoyed the last series on Work/Life Balance. Now we're going to move into our next month with the topic of "The Leap". It's about how no matter what journey you're in, especially as an entrepreneur, we're going to talk about the risks you're going to take in each phase. Each week we will focus on a different phase and how to take things to the next level. If you feel like you've already accomplished the risk featured each week, it's still helpful to tune into these videos for tips and more information that can help you succeed that maybe you haven't considered before.

Let's take the leap!


Making the Leap

1. Money - Learn how to manage money as an entrepreneur
2. Productivity - Balance out your day as an entrepreneur
3. Discipline - Take ownership in your day and rise to the next level

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