The 2019 Goal Crushing Has Begun

January 04, 2019

The 2019 Goal Crushing Has Begun

Well what do we have here?  A new year with fresh goals and a renewed mindset? We will take it! Some find the new year attitudes silly and feel one should keep the same energy all year. While we may agree, it still does not change the fact that a new year brings on a sense of rejuvenation and calm that all things are possible.  Agreeing that any uninvited negative thoughts should be removed while we welcome a little magic and possibility!

Well we at Beyond Routine Planner feel the courageous goals in the air and are so very happy that you chose our planners as your accountability partner to assist you in your journey. 

If you spent the end of 2018 Christmas shopping and having turkey and forgot to prepare for the goals ahead feel free to shop now! There is still time to make all your dreams come true!

Happy New Year Beyond Routiners, cheers to new beginnings!

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