The Advantages of Using a Physical Planner

August 15, 2018 1 Comment

The Advantages of Using a Physical Planner

Do you use a smartphone? If so, you know that it is more than capable of keeping track of your appointments, and it makes it very convenient to stay on top of tasks. There are also plenty of additional digital options out there.

Nevertheless, you still see companies selling physical planners and you still find them on the shelves of many stores you visit.  And, if you look, you will see that it's not just the older crowd, or computerless, who are purchasing them. There are many practical and great reasons to refer to a physical product over a digital one.

Why Should You Consider Using a Physical Planner?

Do you ever just find yourself overwhelmed with notifications, beeps, alerts, and messages? There are constantly digital items vying for our attention! Sometimes, the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and walk away from the computer, tablet, or phone. Suddenly, something that you can physically hold ... a paper planner ... makes perfect sense!

What Are the Advantages of Using a Paper Planner?

Holding a pen in your hand and writing something down on paper gives you the creativity and ability to set up a system that works for you. You can choose what you write, how much or how little information you add, and create notes with the details that pertain to your task.  It's much quicker to scribble down a meeting time on your planner then it is to open an app, fill out the necessary information, create a reminder, and then save. 

Physical calendars don't run out of batteries, demand your attention, or require an account or upgrade. They simply serve one purpose, to provide you with the space needed to keep track of the daily tasks, appointments, and necessary information you need to remember so that you can remove it from your head and feel less stressed out. They may not have all of the options as digital planners do, but they are pretty customizable and allow you to be able to cross out and customize any section to fit your needs. 

Perhaps you like to check off items as they are completed, physically turn a page to remind yourself that time is passing, or go back and review your year. Sometimes, just holding something in your hands can make all the difference!


Pictured above, 2019 Beyond Routine Weekly Real Estate Edition Planner.

Do You Use a Physical Planner?

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to organize your routine. Most likely, you have already established something that works best for you. However, if you were on the fence on whether or not a physical planner would be a good fit for you, we hope that this helped you to think outside the box and consider how using one could help you to live Beyond your normal routine!

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October 03, 2019

I need help lol… I’m still studying to prepare for Texas Real Estate License Exam, so, obviously, haven’t started any of the things in the planner. I would love and very much appreciate suggestions of ideas for Business Accomplishments, goals, books to read, seminars to attend, social media tracker, etc. Ideas for how to successfully use the planner would be wonderful lol! TIA for any help and suggestions! Wishing all of you a prosperous and blessed New Year!

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