Week 1: Planning for 2020 with Beyond Routine Planners

October 03, 2019

Week 1: Planning for 2020 with Beyond Routine Planners

This month is so exciting because it's Planner month!!! Our 2020 Planners have launched and our customers have started receiving them! We thought it would be the perfect time to go over some of the pages and show you how we intended for them to be used. By all means, make them your own, use them however they benefit you and your business, but most importantly ... USE THEM!

This week we will be showing you our Modern Floral Daily Real Estate Cover while we walk you through 'Planning Your Dream Year'. If you could do ANYTHING and live your best life, what would that look like? We are going to discuss this so you can start dreaming big!

If you haven't ordered your planner, go ... hurry ... order now so you can follow us in this series and make the most of 2020!


Reviewing our 2020 Planner
Featured Planner: Modern Twist - Daily

What does your dream life look like?

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