Week 2: Planning for 2020 with Beyond Routine Planners

October 11, 2019

Week 2: Planning for 2020 with Beyond Routine Planners

Welcome everyone!

This is the series where we're going to dig deep into the planner and go through the pages to help you understand our vision for the planner and what our thought process was when we created these pages. We are talking about goals and how to extract those goals to make them a reality. After you've written out your Dream Year, we will quantify the long game and plan out what you want to have done 10 years from then. If you feel you can accomplish your goals in a 5 year span, you need to dream bigger!

In the above video, we will now focus on 'My Vision for the Year', where we will discuss what you need to accomplish in 2020 to make those goals happen. We will go through each section of your life: Business, Financial, Family and Personal Accomplishments so that you can focus on specific aspects to keep you on track. 

Stay tuned for Week 3 of our Planning for 2020 Series continues!


Planning for 2020 with Beyond Routine Planners

Week 2 - My Vision for the Year

Featured Planner: Signature Gold Daily Real Estate Edition


- Business Accomplishments

- Financial Accomplishments

- Family Accomplishments

- Personal Accomplishments

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