Week 4: Starting a 2nd Business

September 27, 2019

Week 4: Starting a 2nd Business


Welcome back! It is our last week. We've been taking the leap all month and now I want to talk about something that I love. I love business and I love entrepreneurship, and buying a second business is always very intriguing, but I really want to talk to you about that leap because it can be deceiving. You think you know how to run a business now that your first has shown some success, so you jump right into the next opportunity and you end up failing. In this video, I will share some tips to help you make sure your venture into a second business is a success.


The Leap - Week 4
Starting a 2nd Business

1. Do not have false confidence
2. Have another set of eyes review
3. Make sure the math makes sense
4. Make your 2nd business a branch of your 1st business

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